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Re: My Professor Daughter

2 weeks after exchange and while I'm feeling bored, texted Angie. Note that she typically reply dead slow kind or take one day to reply.

Me: Hey Angie, I am at your hall, wanna grab a coffee?
Angie: Hmmm but I am having dinner with my mum now.
Me: What?! U smuggled your mum into the hall?!
Angie: Of cos not! She lives with me!
Me: What?! How to? I heard of roomie but never heard of parent as roomie.
Angie: Give me 15 mins then I see you downstairs.
Me: Alright.

So I patiently waited in my car (yes I have a car which my tutor job earned me.

Angie: Where are you?
Me: In the red car, come in please.

She entered my car.

Angie: Didn't know you drive, your parents car?
Me: Nope, I paid for it myself thru my earning as a tutor.
Angie: Wow, impressive! And where are we going? I thought we gonna drink at the canteen below my hall so I dress down eh!
Me: Hmmm let's go for Starbucks at Jurong Point kay?

After settling down at Starbucks,
Me: So how in the world your mum is in your hall?
Angie: Coa my dad is a hall fellow?
Me: Huh? English please!
Angie: My dad works in NTU so he is staying in the hall and we have a unit in the hall where I lived with them.
Me: Oh WTF! That's interesting! What your dad works as?
Angie: He......he is a professor in sch of engineering
Me: Wait! My sch?! Name name name!!!
Angie: Prof Sim XX
Me: Wa full prof and he happened to taught me before! So you are his daughter?!
Angie: Yes of cos! If not whose?!
Me: How would I know?!
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