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Re: My Professor's Daughter

Movie Sunday

Me: Hey I'm downstairs at ur Hall carpark, take ur time.
Angie: Okie, coming down

So Angie came down in a sporty kind of dress, not those short kind but can see her nice figure

Me: ok let's watch a horror film cos noone want to watch with me
Angie: huh?! I hate horror and where got people 1st time watch horror?
Me: Me lor...thank u, u nvr say cannot n I bought the ticket

Purposely bought couple seat and when we entered, Angie was fine with it. Seems like a good indicator.

After movie, we went for dinner and a walk at the park.

Me: hey Angie, what's ur Cup of tea for guys?
Angie: no particular I am looking at
Me: huh? Ah beng like me can? U dare?
Angie: why not?

Heart skipped a beat and we happened to look at each other in the eyes. Inside thinking hosei liao,might as well try.

I leaned forward n kiss her lips. Her lips are those slim kind but it's nice n she didn't resist!

Me: can you be mine? As in be my girlfriend?
Angie: shyly replied yes

And so, we started dating as a couple
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