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My Professor's Daughter

This is based on a true story and names have been amended. Been procrastinating if I should share it and now since that she is getting married, I think should share this story of mine.

Back in 2012, when I was studying in NTU.

Me: Hey bros, there is this short term exchange coming up and we should try for it.
Jenon: Hmm but these are expensive and we low budget sia.
Me: True that, how about we try China exchange since our currency is "bigger"

So both of us went to sign up and got into the program!

Briefing Day so typical us, we are always seated all the way to the back

Me: Wa sian leh, why no chio bu around one?!
Jenon: Look in front, got one sporty chick bro!
Me: OK at least got some hope and let's try to get to know her

Approach the sporty girl named Angie
Me: Hi, I'm James, what's your name?
Angie: Oh hi, I'm Angie and from Business Sch, what about you?
Me: Oh I am from Engineering Sch. Its my 1st exchange, how bout u?
Angie: Yup me too, last one before final year and off to working life.

So I exchanged contacts with Angie and went off. She is a very sporty chick, not for bomb lovers (max small B) but she is slim since she is a avid badminton player.

So exchange went by and nothing much pretty happened as Jenon and I were mostly drunk n smoking too much. Angie is the kind of studious and listened to parents kind while I'm like Ah Beng to her. But the real adventure is when we were back in SG!

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